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Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Solutions

Key technology solutions are providing the foundation for healthcare innovations that are completely disrupting the industry. There is a constant need to Improve health-based outcomes and provide cost-effective, value focussed healthcare – it is a need that arises from a continuous transformation of the industry that is mainly driven by advancements in technology.

Artificial intelligence is gaining quite a bit of recognition in the healthcare industry. It is solving a multitude of problems faced by patients, hospitals and other stakeholders of this industry. Artificial Intelligence based solutions are facilitating a streamlined compilation and analysis of information (medical records, patient treatment history etc.). Robotics, further enables us to, collect, store, reformat and trace any required data for faster, more efficient healthcare delivery. Apart from this, these solutions also help in analysing tests, X-Rays, CT Scans and data entries in a faster manner, with much greater precision. The power of Artificial Intelligence for predictive patient treatment and early disease detection is a major impetus in the industry.

Healthcare Industry Processes

Navisoft proficiency in the Healthcare Industry entails a variety of Industry Processes, such as, Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Patient Care, Patient Engagement, Patient Administration & Billing, Patient Relations Management, Hospital Management, Medical Analysis, Connected Health, IOT, Block Chain Development and Medical Records Management. These processes utilise an array of technology services, ranging from Healthcare Applications, Applications/ERP Maintenance & Support and Packaged Software Implementation, to IT Infrastructure Management, Database & Data Warehousing, Legacy Systems and Workflow.

Life Science Industry Processes

Our expertise in Life Science Industry Processes, range from Research and Development, Compliant Product Lifecycle Mgt., Global Regulatory Compliance and Contract Manufacturing, all the way to IOT, Manufacturing Networks, Cyber Security, Data Science & Analytics and Blockchain Development. Each of these processes employ the use of a variety of technology services, like Applications/ERP Maintenance & Support, Packaged Software Implementation, IT Infrastructure Management, Legacy Systems, Workflow, Mobile & Social Media apps and Database & Data Warehouse Mgt.

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