Hire - Train - Deploy

As the struggle for specific Skill set intensifies, organizations face a huge challenge to setup capabilities in the required skill set.We have started the “Hire – Train – Deploy” model as part of our ongoing commitment to providing cost-effective skilled people those results in a timely, efficient, safe, and sustainable return to work for our clients.This HT&D program is specially designed for our valued customers, who specially need their new staff to be trained in specific skills sets before they join them.

This program   involves the screening of candidates and ensuring that they had received required training in the relevant skills/domain before being made available to clients for the selection process and thereby ensuring a good hire rate.We specialize in resourcing for multiple areas with our vast network in the industry and our diverse & rich sourcing experience.  We are fully dedicated and equipped to fulfill the specific staffing requirements with the best-fit candidate.

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Why Navisoft

Navisoft today is a well established brand and is among the prominent players in the staffing business in India with a PAN India presence. Navisoft IT’s software development practice complements its staffing business through cross-skilling and technology enablement for employees across business divisions. With various growth options, Our aim is to attract best of talent and boasts of lower than industry attrition standards.